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Xu Hướng 9/2023 # The Most Popular Entertainment Venues In Saigon # Top 9 Xem Nhiều

Bạn đang xem bài viết The Most Popular Entertainment Venues In Saigon được cập nhật mới nhất tháng 9 năm 2023 trên website Konu.edu.vn. Hy vọng những thông tin mà chúng tôi đã chia sẻ là hữu ích với bạn. Nếu nội dung hay, ý nghĩa bạn hãy chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình và luôn theo dõi, ủng hộ chúng tôi để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất.

Fun places in Saigon Nguyen Hue Walking Street

The first place that you cannot miss in Saigon’s entertainment venues  is Nguyen Hue Walking Street . Even though it’s “smooth face”, Nguyen Hue pedestrian street is always on the list of the most “check-in” places. The attraction here is a wide road with no traffic, creating a very cool background. Coming here, you will enjoy the melody songs, weekly music programs or luxury cafes with a view of the pedestrian street from above.

Riverside Park Vinhomes Central Park

Nguyen Hue Walking Street Especially if you go in the evening at the intersection of Nguyen Hue – Le Loi and Nguyen Hue – Mac Thi Buoi, there are 2 water music lakes combined with concentrated artistic light shows. Note that this neighborhood is quite crowded, so when you come here you need to actively protect your property to avoid pickpocketing!Walking street is always bustling at night Also to visit Nguyen Hue pedestrian street you should visit Saigon Garden, with a name that means “Saigon garden” so right from the outside, it has attracted all those who pass by here. very unique design. It is an entertainment place in Saigon at night that is loved by many people because the whole house is covered with green trees from the ground to the top. A completely different style from the tall buildings or shops around it.Saigon Garden

On the banks of the Saigon River, Vinhomes Central Park is a large park inspired by the famous Central Park in the heart of New York City, USA. Central Park Vinhomes is a rare green space in the bustling, smoky heart of Saigon. This is the perfect destination for families, couples to go for a walk, sightseeing or have fun. Not only residents of Vinhomes, but everyone can come here to roam, visit and … completely free. 

West Bui Vien Street

Saigon Vinhomes Central ParkA check-in place loved by young peopleThe park is free for everyoneFountain in the park In addition, you can visit the mini Japanese garden in the heart of Saigon with the harmonious design of plants, rocks and water bearing the same cultural characteristics as Japanese gardens. You will be able to walk on the bridge, watch fish and Japanese-style aquatic plants, a cool, pleasant feeling that few places in Saigon have. Currently, this park is always on the list of the most attractive amusement places in Ho Chi Minh City that you should try once.Japanese Garden

Before becoming a walking city, Bui Vien street was known as a backpacker area due to the number of tourists coming here mainly from Western countries and a place for “dining” exclusively for young Saigonese. The street that was already bustling is now becoming busier and more crowded.

Tay Bui Vien street was bustling at night Bui Vien Street will ban vehicles about 500m long, from De Tham to Do Quang Dau during the period from 19pm to 2am the next morning on 2 weekends to serve entertainment activities with booths. culinary goods, folk games, street performances, … Visitors to the pedestrian street will enjoy “four free” (4 free): toilet; WIFI; providing information, supporting visitors and a “free smile”.There is a lot to have fun in this area especially the snacks

The evening will definitely be the time when you should go out to enjoy the hot and bustling atmosphere in Saigon in the Western Quarter – Bui Vien. Every evening, the atmosphere here is extremely noisy with the humming music and the chatter of groups of guests coming here. Here you will sit on both sides of the road on a pre-set mattress, order a drink and a few snacks such as grilled octopus, boiled quail eggs. To understand West Street, you should arrive sometime after 8pm.

Anh Sao Bridge – place to hang out in Saigon at night

Sentence Anh Sao at night One of the fun places in Saigon at night is Anh Sao Bridge. Called with the name “Starlight Bridge” because on the bridge surface is designed with upside down LEDs to create the feeling for those walking on the bridge as if walking on thousands of stars. From a distance, the bridge is like a strip of stars striking among the seven-color rays of light on the sides of the bridge, creating a splendid but poetic branch frame. A unique beauty of Ho Chi Minh city.During the day, this place is also an equally attractive place to have funThe beauty of the Starlight Bridge at night

As one of the most luxurious entertainment spots, Anh Sao bridge is located in the Phu My Hung urban area, which is known as the miniature Singapore of Vietnam, a neighborhood only for the rich.

The Garden Mall

In Saigon, where do we go when sad? One suggestion for you is  The Garden Mall  – a super interesting entertainment paradise that has recently emerged and is very popular with young people – The forerunner of the former Thuan Kieu Plaza. 

The Garden Mall has a beautiful fluffy street lamp The special feature of this place is that there is a very beautiful lantern path and very radiant in the morning. Inviting your best friend over to play and take check-in pictures is very beautiful. With enough nooks and crannies for you to unleash virtual life too! Just looking at it already feels like eyes!An interesting check-in place

You can start your elegant pleasures and visit the book city with all kinds of categories for you to choose from love language, science fiction, comics … The largest space ever is up to 2000m2, large most in Saigon. Besides, if you are interested in traditional types, you can visit on the 3rd floor … Also don’t forget to recharge with the unique culinary complex here!

Snow Town Saigon entertainment area

With an area of ​​nearly 4000m2 and Japanese real snow making technology, SnowTown Saigon is the largest and most modern snow playground in Vietnam today. Here you are spoiled for making snowman, or simply take pictures “check in” bold European style. It is one of the weekend fun places in Saigon that people here love to come.

Snow Town SaigonSnow Town Saigon with snow making technology from JapanThere is both a souvenir and dining area

Have you chosen any location for yourself yet? No matter where you go out, do not miss the specialties in Saigon. Suggestions for you is that there are hundreds of particularly interesting snacks in Saigon that you can not eat all day, spending a little time visiting the food courts in Saigon is also an idea no less. attractive part for you!

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Từ khoá: The most popular entertainment venues in Saigon

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Sneak In The 7 Most Mysterious Countries In The World

Some people like to go on a luxurious vacation, others love visiting popular tourist destinations, but both of them are definitely fascinated by secrecy and hidden gems. If you are one of those travelers, don’t miss out these fun facts and information about the 7 most mysterious countries in the world with Inspitrip!

1. Guyana

Located right to the south of the Atlantic Ocean, the north and northeast of Brazil and the east of Venezuela in South America, Guyana is most popularly known for its dense tropical rainforest. Despite its modest land size which is only similar to the UK, with unique geology and pristine ecosystems, Guyana is home to diverse natural habitats from coastal, marine, littoral, estuarine palustrine, mangrove, riverine, lacustrine, swamp, savanna, white sand forest, brown sand forest, montane, cloud forest, moist lowland to dry evergreen scrub forests.

George Town – Instagram: @gtmemoirs

Guyana is an English-speaking country that has a close-knit cultural connection with the Caribbean region through cricket and calypso music. Georgetown – the capital of this special country, is known for its visible British colonial architecture such as the Stabroek clock, Stabroek Market and St. George’s Cathedral, all of which still last till today.

If you decide to go to Guyana, it would be a huge omission to miss a visit to Kaieteur Falls with a plunge level of 226m straight.

Kaieteur Fall – Instagram: @southamerica

Here, you should take a local tour guide to fully immerse yourself in the amazing wildlife. From feeling the clear flows of Essequibo River, trekking up the trails to Turtle Mountain, visiting the flat-topped Mount Roraima to watching the turtles nest on Shell beach, everything is possible when it comes to travelling in Guyana.

2. Bhutan

The second amazing destination that should be on your travel bucket list is Bhutan, a magnificent Buddhist kingdom on the eastern edge of the Himalayas. Known as the hidden land of happiness, Bhutan is defined by its huge monasteries, impressive dzongs, various trekking destinations and diverse geology from subtropical plains to steep valleys and high mountain ranges. Another tourist attractions are Paro Taktsang monastery (also called Tiger’s Nest) and Paro Valley.

The ideal period of time to visit Bhutan is from March to April as it is the rhododendrons season, a beautiful native flowers that only grow in Asia;  and from October to November if you are more into mild weather, trekking activities and unclouded views. In addition, if you are a bird lover, you should not miss visiting the place during the period of October and February to see the black-necked cranes, which are rarely found in any other countries around the world. Make a trip to the exquisite Phobjikha Valley, that is where you can find them and enjoy a full day of bird watching in their natural habitat.

Bhutan’s capital is Thimphu, where you can find the bustling weekend market, the ornate Buddhist monastery and absolutely no traffic lights! However, since independent travel is not allowed in Bhutan, it is suggested that visitors can book tours through a travel agency or tour operator.

3. Tajikistan

Located in Central Asia, Tajikistan is popular for its myriad hiking and climbing destinations. The Fann Mountains, one of the very huge mountain ranges located near Dushanbe – Tajikistan’s capital, can reach over 5000 meters high with snow-capped peaks. The surrounding area also consists of natural habitat for Iskanderkul birds, which is called Iskanderkulsky Nature Refuge, and a splendid frozen blue lake.

With grand boulevards, Soviet-era buildings and a number of history museums, Tajikistan’s capital is definitely an interesting destination for all history buffs and culture lovers. The 13-meter-tall sleeping Buddha statue in the National Museum of Antiquities from the 1st century A.D is one of the best evidence to prove that.

If you are more into art and cultural shows, Ayni Opera and Ballet Theatre, which were built during World War II, offer a variety of dance and music performances for your romantic nights. However, due to its special location between Russia and Afghanistan as well as the low economic status, Tajikistan is one of the poorest and most dangerous countries in Central Asia where drug smuggling is the main way for people to make their livings.

4. Comoros

Situated in East Africa, Comoros is known as a volcanic archipelago state with plenty of beautiful beaches on various small islands and islets. Among those scattered islands, Grande Comore is the national state’s largest one, which is surrounded by the long white sandy beaches and old lava from the active Mt. Karthala volcano.

Comoros architecture is heavily influenced by Arab culture with imprints in the carved doors and Ancienne Mosquée du Vendredi – a white colonnaded mosque in Morini – the capital island.

The best time to visit Comoros is during the dry season from May to October as it can be very hot and humid during the wet monsoon season from November to April or from January to May.

Ramadan festival and Turtle Day (May 28th) are two big national events, where the locals celebrate different feature animals, including local hawksbill, leatherback, and green sea turtles.

5. Ras al Khaimah

Located in the north of the United Arab Emirates, Ras Al Khaimah is more prominent among other emirates with the famous Arabian Gulf beaches and world-class resort services. The Riz-Carlton, Waldorf Astoria, Rixos Bab al Bahr Marjan and DoubleTree by Hilton Resorts & Spa Marjan Beach are ranked the best among those fancy resorts in this area by The Telegraph.

However, not only is it famous with a variety of luxurious services, Ras al Khaimah is also known for its notable landmarks, including the National Museum of Ras Al Khaimah – former palace of the ruling Al Qasimi family, Dhayah Fort – highest hilltop fort in the UAE, Sheba’s Palace – ruins of a medieval palace, Al Jazirah Al Hamra – an abandoned ghost town with coral stone buildings and Bu Shaqq tower.

Especially, to the south of the city, here located Jebel Jais, the highest peak in the United Arab Emirates with a height of 1934 meters. This place is home to the world’s longest zip line with spectacular views over the magnificent valley below and is the ideal destination for those who are interested in rock climbing, hiking and biking. From Jebel Jais for over an hour driving, Al Wadi Equestrian Adventure Centre is easily accessible for a horse riding tour in the nature preserve.

Tourists often come to visit this country between December and January when the weather is milder. This is also the time when the camel races, a traditional heritage activity in Ras Al Khaimah, is held. However, since it has a desert climate all year round, days are still hot most days throughout the year and can reach the highest temperature almost 50°C over the period between June and September.

6. Tristan da Cunha

Known as the world’s most remote volcanic archipelagoes, Tristan da Cunha locates in the South of Atlantic Ocean and is the main island of the group. Discovered by the Portuguese in 1506, it became a dependency of the Cape Colony in South Africa controlled by the British in the 19th century. Until today, Tristan da Cunha is a part of the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha where the inhabitants carry British Overseas Territory citizenship.

7. North Korea (DPRK)

Last but not least, one of the most mysterious and controversial countries in the world that everyone is curious about – North Korea. Located in East Asia and best known for its history occupied by the Soviet Union and the Korean war, North Korea is definitely not the typical ideal tourist destination as you could imagine since tourism here is tightly controlled by the government. In fact, you are only allowed to travel in North Korea under the organization of state-owned tourist agencies, such as Korea International Travel Company (KITC), Korean International Sports Travel Company (KISTC), Korean International Taekwondo Tourism Company (KITTC) and Korean International Youth Travel Company (KIYTC).

However, this first impression does not mean that the country in itself is not a vacation spot worth visiting. North Korea is in fact very beautiful in term of aesthetics.

Mount Kumgang – Instagram: @idining_sluman

Top attractions in North Korea are DMZ, Mansudae monument, Pyeongyang metro, Paektu Mountain, Mount Kumgang and a lot of more. Inspitrip has also prepared an insightful guide for your best experience in North Korea from A to Z!

Pyeongyang monuments – Instagram: @nchmelsg

Pyeongyang metro – Instagram: @here.far.away

North Korea flag from DMZ’s observatory – Instagram: @cast_anna98

If you are not ready to visit this country yet, you can still get a glimpse of it from South Korea on a day trip to the DMZ, including the JSA (Joint Security Area) at Panmunjom. A must-go for anyone travelling to Korea to set foot on North Korean soil and listen to the untold stories of wartime!

Ribbons of hope – Instagram: @banshee2099

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Từ khoá: Sneak in the 7 most mysterious countries in the world

Visit Cat Cat Village, Sapa – The Most Beautiful Ancient Village In The Northwest

Cat Cat village is known as the “cloud paradise of Sapa”, the pride of the Northwest mountains. Bringing the traditional beauty of a highland village in the middle of wild and majestic mountains. Cat Cat village is a small village in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province, located at the foot of Hoang Lien Son mountain and 376km from Hanoi.

Coming to this poetic village, you will not only be able to mingle with simple wooden houses, small streams flowing smoothly, colorful brocade panels but also discover the cultural beauty of Vietnam. H’Mong people are associated with this land.


Route: Hanoi – Vinh Phuc – Viet Tri – Phong Chau – Doan Hung – Yen Bai – Lao Cai – Sapa – Cat Cat village.

Photo: @milan_trnka_queenco_lz_project, @sux.sub

If you choose to travel by motorbike, the above route is ideal for you to both go and admire the charming mountain scenery of the highlands.

In addition, you can choose to travel by bus, drivers often choose Noi Bai – Lao Cai highway because this is the shortest route and convenient traffic. Normally, traveling from Hanoi center to Sapa town will take about 5-6 hours. From the center of Sapa town, follow the road towards Phan – Xi – Pang mountain about 3km, you will come to Cat Cat village. On the way down to Ban, you will be captivated by the vast and majestic scenery of heaven and earth, one side is the same high mountains, the other side is the romantic Sapa valley, the immense terraced fields. .

You can walk to see the scenery, Ban is close to the city center so the way is not too difficult or take a cart for about 15,000 VND / person / time.

Photo: @tanya_catu96, @_min.meow_


Sapa Cat Cat Hill Resort

Address: No. 086, Fansipan Street, Sapa, Lao Cai

Price: Combo 2 days 1 night only 1690k/pax

A resort with a prime location on a hill with a majestic Hoang Lien Son view. You can see the entire hillside and valley with spectacular views from above.

Photo: Le Thi Mai, Dung Tien

CatCat Garden

Address: 079 Fansipan, San Sa Ho, Sa Pa, Lao Cai

Price: Combo 2 days 1 night for only 810k / 1 person

CatCat Garden House with a view of Phan – Xi – Pang mountain in front, has accommodation, a restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, bar and shared lounge. You will experience luxurious services in this wonderful mountainous region.


The road to Cat Cat village

Along the way, instead of feeling tired and impatient to arrive, you will feel in harmony with nature and mountains. Surely, you will be busy taking virtual photos during the journey.

Photo: @milan_trnka_queenco_lz_project

Photo: @t.thuyduonggg

Tien Sa Waterfall

Cat Cat Waterfall, also known as Tien Sa Waterfall, is one of the famous tourist attractions in Sapa that you must definitely visit. Each of these waterfalls pouring down from the mountain will emit very lively rushing sounds. You will feel the atmosphere of the mountains in the wildest way.

In particular, around the waterfall there are many flowers and grass, which are very beautiful in the blooming season. You can relax here listening to the sound of running water, while watching the poetic natural scenery around.

Photo: @milan_trnka_queenco_lz_project, @trangclara.0710, @suxxub

My House and A Phu’s House

Cat Cat village has two unique cafes that everyone knows, namely My House and A Phu House.

This is the hometown of Mi and A Phu in the famous literary work “A Phu couple”. Therefore, the two cafes named “My House and A Phu’s House” represent the story and personality of the two characters above. Coming to the restaurant, visitors will discover the unique identity of the nation mixed with a bit of modernity. This place not only creates attraction but also preserves rare moments of Vietnamese literary character.

Photo: Cat Cat village

Cat Cat Village

If you want to discover more about the culture here, you must definitely visit Cat Cat village. The village is hidden among the majestic mountains of Sapa with many beautiful winding streams. You can see the beautiful scenes and daily life of the indigenous people in the most authentic way.

Photo: @aianhphamng

Photo: @nva.88

In addition, here there are also special points to visit such as traditional craft villages, House of Culture, Suoi Vang, and Suoi Bac, … In addition to bold national culture, it also gives you mesmerizing virtual living pictures. cup of the Northwest.


Coming to Cat Cat village, you will be able to easily see the surrounding shops, the paradise of Sapa specialties such as corn wine, apple cider, horse meat, buffalo meat, etc. If you have a chance. If you have the opportunity to visit the house of the H’Mong people, you will surely enjoy more diverse cuisines.

Souvenirs that can’t be missed


Brocade is woven by skilled craftsmen of the Mong ethnic group with 4 main colors: blue, red, white and yellow with many unique and artistic shapes and patterns. You can buy a scarf, hat, bracelet or brocade doll as a gift for your loved one.

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Từ khoá: Visit Cat Cat Village, Sapa – The most beautiful ancient village in the Northwest

Top 10 Luxury Hotels, The Most Classy In Hue City

Vinpearl Hotel Hue

Vinpearl Hotel Hue is located in Hue in Thua Thien Hue province, 2 km from Trang Tien Bridge and 2.3 km from Hue Museum of Royal Antiques. Its facilities include a restaurant, a 24-hour front desk, room service and free WiFi throughout the property. The hotel features an indoor pool, fitness center and concierge services.

Contact information:

Address: 50A Hung Vuong, Phu Nhuan, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue

Phone: 0234 3688 666

Vinpearl Hotel Hue

Vinpearl Hotel Hue

Indochine Palace

Contact information:

Address: 105A Hung Vuong, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue

Phone: (84 – 234) 393 6666

Email: [email protected]

Indochine Palace

Indochine Palace


Azerai La Residence, Hue

Contact information:

Address: 5 Le Loi, Vinh Ninh, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue

Phone: 0234 3837 475

Email: [email protected]

Azerai La Residence, Hue

Azerai La Residence, Hue


Imperial Hue Hotel

Contact information:

Address: 08 Hung Vuong, Phu Hoi, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue

Phone: + (84-234) 388 2222

Email: [email protected]

Imperial Hue Hotel

Imperial Hue Hotel


Eldora Hotel

With a prime location in the heart of Hue city, Eldora Hotel always provides exceptional services with an artistic style and natural elegance. Eldora is one of the luxury hotels in Hue that is highly appreciated by tourists. The hotel demonstrates the quintessence and elegance that deserves the title of the Old Capital and blends them with modern comfort, giving guests a truly unique experience.

As you step into your bedroom, you will find that each room at Eldora is fully furnished, luxuriously furnished, with Renaissance art elements as the theme. Just staying one night in this luxurious bedroom, Eldora easily captivates you with a noble lifestyle.

At Eldora Hotel, each bedroom is also “included” a magnificent room view. From the panoramic city view to the romantic Perfume River every night, you are completely free to choose to admire the city of Hue in your own way.

Contact information:

Address: 60 Ben Nghe, Phu Hoi, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue

Phone: (+84) 234 386 6666

Email: [email protected]

Eldora Hotel

Eldora Hotel


The Mondial Hotel Hue

Contact information:

Address: 17 Nguyen Hue, Vinh Ninh, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue

Phone: 84 (0) 234 394 5599

Email: [email protected]

The Mondial Hotel Hue

The Mondial Hotel Hue


Huong Giang Hotel Resort and Spa

Huong Giang Hotel Resort & Spa is located right in the heart of Hue city, reflecting down the peaceful and romantic Perfume River. The special thing that sets Huong Giang apart from other luxury hotels in Hue is that the hotel takes traditional Hue style, bold Vietnamese as its main theme, true to its very name Hue, and combines comedy blend with modern architecture to create a luxury architecture.

From the hotel, you will easily see Truong Tien Bridge stretching over the Perfume River and the sky changes vividly from dawn to dusk, when the whole city is filled with a very purple color “Hue”. . More specifically, only about 1 km from the hotel is Vi Da village, a famous place appearing in the beautiful but painful poems of the lyric poet Han Mac Tu. This will be an interesting sightseeing spot for poetry lovers.

Here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy wonderful relaxing moments with drinks, specialties in the ancient capital at the garden swimming pool, bar, restaurant.

Contact information:

Address: 51 Le Loi, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue

Phone: 84 (0) 234 3822 122

Email: [email protected]

Huong Giang Hotel Resort and Spa

Huong Giang Hotel Resort and Spa


Hotel Saigon Morin

Established in 1901, Saigon Morin Hotel is considered one of the oldest luxury hotels in Hue in Vietnam. It can be said that the hotel is the most eloquent witness of history, has witnessed many changes of the country in general and the ancient capital in particular. While staying here, you have the opportunity to see old photos of Hue city in the early 20’s and the hotel history spanning over 100 years.

Located in the heart of Hue city, four fronts facing Le Loi – Hung Vuong Street and Hoang Hoa Tham – Truong Dinh Street, the hotel has the best views overlooking Truong Tien Bridge and Huong River. All rooms at Saigon Morin have parquet floors, marble bathroom, full high-end amenities. The main feature of the hotel is Saigon Morin in French colonial style: luxurious, elegant and professional service style.

Contact information:

Address: 30 Le Loi, Phu Hoi, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue

Phone: +84 234 383 1888

Email: [email protected]

Hotel Saigon Morin

Hotel Saigon Morin


Pilgrimage Village

Ask yourself why travelers have chosen Pilgrimage Village when visiting Hue. The hotel is a combination of ideal values, comfort and convenience like a family setting along with amenities designed for travelers like you. The hotel rooms offer amenities like flat-screen tv, air conditioning and mini bar, and guests can access the internet with free wifi provided by the resort. The Pilgrimage Village Hotel provides concierge and room service to make your stay even more pleasant. The hotel also offers a swimming pool and breakfast.

If you drive to Pilgrimage Village, free parking is available. While at the Pilgrimage Village Hotel, guests can enjoy the Imperial Tomb of Dong Khanh and the Royal Tombs, one of Hue’s top destinations. Upon arrival in Hue, you may want to try ribs at one of the nearby restaurants such as Family Home Restaurant or Pho Co Restaurant. If there is time, Tu Hieu Pagoda, Cat Tuong Quan Settlement and Thien Lam Pagoda are the favorites within walking distance. We believe you will be satisfied with Pilgrimage Village when you experience all that Hue has to offer.

Contact information:

Address: 130 Minh Mang, Thuy Xuan, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue

Phone: (+84 234) 3 885 461

Email: [email protected]

Pilgrimage Village

Pilgrimage Village


Azerai La Residence, Hue

Contact information:

Address: 5 Le Loi, Vinh Ninh, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue

Phone: +84 (0) 234 383 7475

Email: [email protected]

Azerai La Residence, Hue

Azerai La Residence, Hue

Above are the most luxurious hotels in the city. Hue, if you have the opportunity to travel to this city, you can choose one of these hotels to enjoy a relaxing experience and moments with your loved ones.

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Từ khoá: Top 10 luxury hotels, the most classy in Hue City

Saigon Sense Market: The Best Underground Market In Ho Chi Minh City

Street markets are irreplaceable in Vietnam’s cultures, as they have been a means to make ends meet for the local people for so long. As time progresses, the markets have become a tourist attraction for foreign visitors, but they can be hard to find, especially in district 1 when there aren’t many markets beside the Ben Thanh market. However, at the start of 2023, the Sense Market at the September 23th Park became a phenomenon for its fantastic and diverse street foods, especially in Saigon street foods that can only be found in small street markets. Let’s dig deeper into the market and see what’s waiting.

1/ History of the market:

Not a single person would expect an average-size shopping center underground. Instagram: @pizzaboy983

Opened in 2023, Saigon Sense Market is probably the youngest shopping centre in Ho Chi Minh City. The centre has earned a reputation for being the best underground market in the South of Vietnam. Mr Lam Ho, the director at Business Investment of the Southern Region and primary sponsor for the Sense Market project, stated that the company’s wish to introduce Vietnamese cultures and cuisines to the world led to the birth of this market. Though being a newcomer compared to other shopping malls and supermarkets in Vietnam, this market space, interestingly, was conceived around 20 years ago. Some Taiwanese investors intended to build the biggest shopping and financial centre at the time. Unfortunately, Asia underwent a financial crisis in 1997, causing the cancellation of projects including the Sense Market. The underground area remained used as a basement for keeping traffic-violating vehicles, which was left unsupervised and ended up causing infrastructural damages. It was not until the start of 2023 that investors started to invest in refurbishing the old and deteriorating basement. When the market was finished, it immediately became a tourist attraction in Saigon mainly for its cultural diversity in dishes and cuisines.

2/ The location

The Sense Market, unlike other supermarkets and shopping malls, is unique for its distinctive location. Never before has a small-scale food court been located inside a park and under a stage at the heart of the city, making it very convenient for passers-by and tourists to fill their stomach and while visiting district 1. This is because the market is 10-minute away on foot from the Ben Thanh market and is surrounded by different services and stores. There are two zones in the September 9th Park with the market being situated in Zone B, facing Pham Ngu Lao street and Le Lai street.

With such a convenience surrounding the park, the Sense Market can cater to every visitor’ needs. Instagram: @pizzaboy983

For its money-making location, a number of food store owners and investors decide to open businesses in the market in the long run. And they made the right decision – since its opening, Saigon Sense Market has consistently made into the list of must-visit tourist sites in Ho Chi Minh City, attracting hundreds of visitors every day. Whether you go to Vincom Plaza, Diamond Plaza, Hung Vuong Plaza, or any shopping malls in the city, it’s hard to find a place that has an underground food court and an environmentally-friendly park above ground. For travelers, especially Western travelers, they tend to prefer a place that they can walk for leisure after having meals, and the Sense Market ticks all of the criteria. Even if there is such a place outside district 1, the travellers might not consider going there since district 1 is the most visited and recognizable area in Ho Chi Minh City. The only shortcoming is the opening time. Due to the government’s regulations about running a business, the market is closed after 10:30pm, but that does not stop the market from being a candidate on the list of best markets in Ho Chi Minh City.

3/ Inside the Sense Market

What distinguishes Sense Market from other malls in the city is the combination of a modern supermarket and a traditional food court that resembles street markets. Taka Plaza, a shopping mall, is the first area to be in the visitors’ sight when entering the market. This 2000-square-metre mall contains more than 400 big and small fashion stalls, giving the visitors a range of product choices at reasonable and affordable prices.

A corner of the shopping mall that sells handbags and electronic devices. Instagram: @pizzaboy983

The deeper you go inside the plaza, the more fashion shops you can find. If not satisfied with one shop, the others are always available for you.

Fashion shops here can cover most of the visitors’ fashion taste and needs. Instagram: @pizzaboy983

The plaza also offers a number of services that include currency exchange counters and a chúng tôi Food convenient store. After visiting the Sense Market, the visitors can drop by and purchase daily products if they prefer, not wasting time going to another supermarket outside.

Co.op Food, an inexpensive market in disguise, serves the local people with daily products. Instagram: @pizzaboy983

Children also enjoy hanging around in the market, as there is a playground equipped with the latest games such as Racing Cars, Mini Basketball, Dancing Stage, and Piano Tiles. At only 2000 VND per coin, people of all ages can have a great time in the market. Due to the close distance between the gaming center and the food town, children can get refreshments anytime they prefer. The gaming center is not limited to children only, as teenagers and adults can spend their quality time here playing racing games, shooting games and electronic basketball. However, at the moment the gaming center is limited in its selection. There’s plenty of space to add more so be sure to check back to be updated on any new additions!

Kids may not be impressed with the food town, but this playground surely gets their attention. Instagram: @pizzaboy983

4/ The Asiana Food Town

As impressive as Taka Plaza is, Asiana Food Town is the highlight of the market that leaves a lasting impression on the guests due to its decoration, arrangement among the stores, and dining vibes. Let’s go through one by one.

a/ The decoration

The recipe for drawing the visitors’ attention is the food town’s rectangular shape and eye-catching decoration. Within an area of around 1,500 square kilometers, different cultures are demonstrated almost everywhere. The Chinese culture is the most evident, as there are Chinese Lunar Moon toys on the poles and Chinese lights, illuminated with the bright yellow color, hanging from the ceiling. This intelligent and sensible arrangement of decoration and colors is the key to increasing the visitors’ appetite due to the cosy feeling that the market brings to them. The moment they set their foot on the Food Town, the appetite is just irresistible.

The decoration instantly reminds visitors of an old food town in China. Instagram: @pizzaboy983

The lights are brilliantly attached to the ceiling of the building, creating a solid background for the Food Town. Instagram: @pizzaboy983

b/ The position

Different food stores are closely positioned with a fairly narrow walking way that separates neighboring stores, ensuring the visitors that they can always find each other if choosing foods separately. Such a structure of organizing the food stores also shows how brilliant the designers are. This is illustrated by the closeness among the food stores that helps to connect different guests, as there are big seats for having meals on one side or right on the walking way. Such seats enable the diners to enjoy every cuisine presented in the Food Town, not being confined to one food shop exclusively like in other shopping malls. This is mainly due to the Food Town’s permission to have different dishes and foods in one table. Pizza is your love but your friends prefer Thai cuisines? No problem. Just order and the foods will be delivered to your seats.

The tables are close to each other, which can be convenient for big families by joining them. Instagram: @pizzaboy983

This kind of walking way gives the visitors a cosy feeling when visiting the Food Town. Instagram: @pizzaboy983

This kind of walking way gives the visitors a cosy feeling when visiting the Food Town. Instagram: @pizzaboy983

c/ The vibes

Another key difference compared to other shopping malls is the dining atmosphere. In terms of the dining experience, I find Asiana Food Town an ideal place for food lovers because unlike other food stores in big shopping malls, the Food Town gives the customers the feeling of visiting a Saigon market, a place for food lovers and critics. It seems to me that every customer is connected somehow, as their presence is established through the foods, enhancing the “eating spirit” among food-aholics that may lead them to a random conversation. There is no separation among the customers in my opinion, partly because the area is warmly and closely arranged and different food cultures are presented right on the dining table.

The seats look like they are covering the whole area, making it easier for waiters or waitresses to serve the foods. Instagram: @pizzaboy983

This bamboo basket with garlics and peppers hanging on the top is a typical Vietnamese image. Instagram: @pizzaboy983

The Food Town should get the credit for being able to attract both the local people and foreign visitors, creating a mixed-culture environment that is essential in this era of globalisation. The Big Market or An Dong Plaza in district 5, for example, brings nothing new for the local people, isn’t able to bring in a lot of foreign visitors due to its location and difficulty in accommodating foreign languages. Though located in district 1, which has the highest number of foreigners, the Food Town still keeps the tradition that exists in Vietnamese dishes everyday, attracting even the local people who can always buy foods near their home. The Food Town reminds me of the street markets right next to my home, so even when I am sitting in a mall, I still feel familiar. The food stalls, especially those that sell Vietnamese foods, still keep their decoration in a very Vietnamese way.

5/ The foods

And now is the most anticipated section of this article: the foods. As I have mentioned, the Sense Market is well-known for its diversity in the food cultures and street foods with more than 50 food stalls in Asiana Food Town. The name might give you some clues about the type of foods here: Asian foods. From China, India, Japan to Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam, the arguably most famous dishes around Asia gather in one place. The prices vary too, ranging from 20000 VND to 100000 VND depending on the foods purchased. Based on my visit, foreign foods cost slightly more than Vietnamese foods, around 60000+ VND and 45000+ VND respectively. However, I would like to focus mainly on Vietnamese dishes, as this Food Town is in Vietnam. Since trying every food there was impossible, I decided to try out some certain dishes that I think might attract the visitors.

a/ Thai Hot pot

Thai foods are likely to be among a spicy eater’s favorite foods. Instagram: @pizzaboy983

Price: 160000 VND

For a hot pot, the price is reasonable since it serves 2 to 3 people. The hot pot has everything that a Thai hot pot should have: 3 pieces of shrimp, White Beech mushroom, Napa Cabbage, King Trumpet mushroom, mussel, and some other vegetables. In my opinion, the taste is fairly good although it should have been a little more sour, but overall this hot pot is of high quality. The visitors can order more noodles if they prefer, with each would cost 10000 VND per pack.

b/ Banh Xeo – Vietnamese Pancake

Vietnamese Pancake should be on top of the list of must-try Vietnamese foods. Instagram: @kketkaew

Categorised as an appetiser, Banh Xeo is one of the most famous Vietnam street foods, and it cannot be missed in a food fair like the Food Town. The dish itself looks like a crepe with shrimp and vegetables and costs 75000 VND. The taste is good and the crepe itself is crispy. However, the secret ingredient here is the fish sauce, contributing directly to the unforgettable taste that Banh Xeo is famous for. The sauce is cooked suitably to fit with the visitors’ taste, not too sweet and not too salty. Banh Xeo has a variety of flavours such as coconut, chicken, or beef, but I’d suggest the classics: meat + shrimp or the seafood flavour.

c/ Che or Vietnamese gruel.

Che is a classic dessert in the South of Vietnam. Instagram: @pizzaboy983

Prices: 22000 VND – 35000 VND

Having had two big meals, my friend and I decided to try out some desserts, and Vietnamese gruel is the choice. I had a bowl of White cowpea with coconut (the second bowl in the nearest line having black and brown peas), my own favorite, to see how it tastes compared to that of the place I usually have. And it did not disappoint me at all. The moment I had the first spoon of the gruel, I was instantly attracted by the recognisable sweetness that I’ve tasted for a long time. My friend did not order an original bowl of gruel, but instead he added some other flavours. He had a bowl of sweet lotus seed gruel with 3 pieces of Longan fruit as toppings. Despite his high standards and expectations of food, he finished the dessert very quickly because, according to him, the gruel was so refreshing. When it comes to desserts, Vietnamese gruel should pop up in your mind instantly, because it is Vietnam’s legendary street food.

Other suggestions: 1/ Desserts and drinks

Looking for healthy drinks? You’re looking at them. Instagram: @pizzaboy983

This cute little bowl is Bingsu, consisting of shaved ice, flavours, and syrup. Instagram: @uyenanh.97

2/ Other Vietnamese dishes

The famous Bun Cha Ha Noi – kebab rice noodles. Instagram: @asianafoodtown

One of the most beloved Vietnamese dishes by the Southerners: Com Tam. Instagram: @asianafoodtown

3/ Foreign dishes

A well-known dish from Chinatown: Roasted duck Instagram: @asianafoodtown

One of Japan’s most popular foods for foreigners: Udon noodles. Instagram: @asianafoodtown

The Sense Market, especially the underground market Asiana Food Town, is definitely worth a visit. However, there is news recently that the centre is due to be closed at the beginning of 2023, so double check your travel plans and make sure you don’t miss out on this chance to visit a street market in Vietnam with such modernity. Come by and see for yourself!

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